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Social Media is vital yet tedious.  I have learned that social media is a requirement for any kind of successful business, marketing, and  endeavor.  It is almost required to keep relationships going at this point in time.  It also takes a bunch of time and energy to make it work.  I will really struggle to use the technology to my benefit because I can’t hardly set aside a dedicated day to do billing every month.  I have no idea how I would set aside time to update information, post features of interest, make new connections, change my design, etc.

The assignments in this class were really simple.  Yet, without a purpose, they are hard to complete.  Tweeting ‘anything’ should be a simple task.  Unfortunately, I missed several of the required tweets.

While I clearly see the benefits of regularly participating in social media, I struggle to find something in my world that I think would be relevant in everyone elses.  I have lots of aspirations that social media will eventually help me succeed.  I may have to hire or recruit someone to help me.

I imagine I will use many of the tools we learned in my future.  I will use some for my interpreting business.  I imagine I will use media more and more in my teaching at Portland Community College.  I will need to use it with the nonprofits I hope to start some day.  I should start to use it now with church and Deaf ministry.  Unfortunately, I don’t do great connecting personally on these sites.   I imagine I will use it more and more.   Perhaps it will take my kiddos being raised and sharing their life experiences on facebook.


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Visibility vs. Qualifications and Ethics?

I have had a LinkedIn account for several months.  I joined because an interpreting agency has a group for cruise interpreters.  In order to be accepted into the group, the member’s profile needs to reflect interpreting experience and training.  Cruise jobs are posted as they become available.  When an interpreter wants to be placed on a job, the interpreter’s profile is also used to determine qualifications.

My husband joined the group when it was quite small and he has been on several working cruises since this agency has taken over scheduling.  I joined when there were over 600 members in the group.  Being selected out of a number that big is definitely harder.   While I am a very qualified who has worked several cruises under the old agency, I was not being selected to do work with the pool so large.  People new to the field without certification or successful interpreter training completion, those who struggle to get interpreting work locally were chosen simply because they had been members of the list longer.  It wasn’t until a cruise came available with very specific needs that I was considered.  At that point I was asked for more information about my qualifications in the specialty requested.

I also see one global interpreting agency posting daily.  That agency, while located back east has managed to gain big corporate contracts and places ASL interpreters all over the country.  I worked for the agency once and found them to be dishonest and unethical.  They sent me false information about a job and placed me without a team interpreter.  When I arrived, the customer wondered how I would do this job alone.  It was indeed a difficult job alone and not as the agency suggested.  I have billed for double my rate as my terms of service state.  I have not been paid and it has been over a month.

I am now connected to this agency through LinkedIn.  The agency has a huge presence.  The recruiter posts daily.  Every time I sign in, I have posts from them.  This is another example of unqualified people getting an edge.  I definitely need to polish my personal profile so I stand a chance based on my merits.  Apparently I will need to post something daily because now the more visibility you have, the more trustworthy you seem to be.  I wonder how one goes about promoting ethics, honesty, and skills.

I will definitely need to refine my visibility.  It seems that getting us used to tweeting daily will help me consider posting professional information daily on LinkedIn.  On another note, the tips to build a strong LinkedIn profile link is broken.  I searched the web and LinkedIn to find this webpage or a similar help topic and didn’t come up with what I thought was equivalent.  In my search I did find the following two sites that I thought were interesting.

The first Seven ways your resume and LinkedIn profile should differ.

The other is a resume builder.  Apparently it takes information from your LinkedIn profile and allows you to put the information into a professional resume template.  I can’t wait to try it.

When I came back to add the PCM#485 hashtag, I noticed related content at the bottom of the screen.  Apparently I can click on one of these topics to insert it into the blog.  Interestingly enough, the first is titled 15 Steps to a More Professional LinkedIn Profile.  Perhaps this will be similar to the originally linked reading.  I am attaching it and others below.

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Directionally challenged?

I have to say that google maps street view is a blessing! While I am very good with verbal directions, maps and general orientation of the poles, I am blessed to have many people in my life who are so challenged. 🙂

Finding google maps street view is a godsend. This week my friend was lost and looking for the location of an appointment she needed to go to. I tried to verbally tell her to be on “x” street and follow the numbers. She keep exclaiming that she was when in fact she was on the cross “y” street. Finally I opened up the google maps street view and was able to tell her colors of buildings, landmarks and other visual information. Luckily that did the trick and we got her to the place in time!

I will make sure this feature is on her phone as well as my husband’s! This wi save me from dropping everything to help frantic lost people!!! Yay!

Here is a link to the comedy club I’ll be going to tonight!


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Last but not least!

I bounced around through the technology websites we were given to find information of interest. 

Boy Genius,, sounded promises with promises of gossip about new technology soon to come.  Soon I realized that I wasn’t super interested in reading all of the products and company plans.  I guess I am more interested in immediate application.  I needed a title that knew exactly what my need was so that I would open it to find more.  I didn’t want to look through a bunch of articles or hype to find what would best suit me and my world.

I knew that I wouldn’t be too interested in the Apple insider,, but I decided to check for any really exciting news since I have an apple, iphone, and ipad.  Up until thanksgiving I always swore I would only use PC and android devices.  When my PC called it a day, my Mac using brother was in town and convinced me that the quality and virus issues would be solved with a Mac.  Since that time, I’ve had to install a bunch of plug-ins just to access class materials and I struggle with content that just doesn’t quite work on a Mac.  But, I digress…  I looked at the Mac Insider website and wasn’t thrilled with anything I found. 

Life Hacker,, sounded promising, but again, nothing jumped out as pertinent to me. 

Engadget,, I thought might have some novel device or new concept.  Thankfully, this site was not all for naught.  I found out that the WiiU is delaying their promised updates until fall.  Ha, something to look cool to the kiddos about.  Well, maybe the youngest one.  The older is a hardcore xBox fan. 

I tried many others with the same feeling.  Lots of info crammed onto a page with little relevance to me.  Then I opened Tech Soup,  Surprisingly, this website was most interestingly.  Really I shouldn’t have been surprised at all.  I love non-profits and I have been on many boards and done much charity work.  I was excited about the links to fundraising, grants, and useful apps.  The problem is, I have not an ounce of time in my life to devote to doing more with my non-profits than the minimal commitments that I already have.  Someday… someday…


Antonaros, M. (2013).  Useful resources related to cutting edge technology and social media.  [Class Handout].  Professional Communications, Siena Heights University, Adrian, MI

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