Last but not least!

I bounced around through the technology websites we were given to find information of interest. 

Boy Genius,, sounded promises with promises of gossip about new technology soon to come.  Soon I realized that I wasn’t super interested in reading all of the products and company plans.  I guess I am more interested in immediate application.  I needed a title that knew exactly what my need was so that I would open it to find more.  I didn’t want to look through a bunch of articles or hype to find what would best suit me and my world.

I knew that I wouldn’t be too interested in the Apple insider,, but I decided to check for any really exciting news since I have an apple, iphone, and ipad.  Up until thanksgiving I always swore I would only use PC and android devices.  When my PC called it a day, my Mac using brother was in town and convinced me that the quality and virus issues would be solved with a Mac.  Since that time, I’ve had to install a bunch of plug-ins just to access class materials and I struggle with content that just doesn’t quite work on a Mac.  But, I digress…  I looked at the Mac Insider website and wasn’t thrilled with anything I found. 

Life Hacker,, sounded promising, but again, nothing jumped out as pertinent to me. 

Engadget,, I thought might have some novel device or new concept.  Thankfully, this site was not all for naught.  I found out that the WiiU is delaying their promised updates until fall.  Ha, something to look cool to the kiddos about.  Well, maybe the youngest one.  The older is a hardcore xBox fan. 

I tried many others with the same feeling.  Lots of info crammed onto a page with little relevance to me.  Then I opened Tech Soup,  Surprisingly, this website was most interestingly.  Really I shouldn’t have been surprised at all.  I love non-profits and I have been on many boards and done much charity work.  I was excited about the links to fundraising, grants, and useful apps.  The problem is, I have not an ounce of time in my life to devote to doing more with my non-profits than the minimal commitments that I already have.  Someday… someday…


Antonaros, M. (2013).  Useful resources related to cutting edge technology and social media.  [Class Handout].  Professional Communications, Siena Heights University, Adrian, MI


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Wife Adoptive/Bio Mother of 3 Sign Language Interpreter RID CI/CT Sign Language Interpretation Program, Adjunct Instructor Legal/Court Interpreter In-Training Student of Siena Heights University
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