Directionally challenged?

I have to say that google maps street view is a blessing! While I am very good with verbal directions, maps and general orientation of the poles, I am blessed to have many people in my life who are so challenged. πŸ™‚

Finding google maps street view is a godsend. This week my friend was lost and looking for the location of an appointment she needed to go to. I tried to verbally tell her to be on “x” street and follow the numbers. She keep exclaiming that she was when in fact she was on the cross “y” street. Finally I opened up the google maps street view and was able to tell her colors of buildings, landmarks and other visual information. Luckily that did the trick and we got her to the place in time!

I will make sure this feature is on her phone as well as my husband’s! This wi save me from dropping everything to help frantic lost people!!! Yay!

Here is a link to the comedy club I’ll be going to tonight!



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Wife Adoptive/Bio Mother of 3 Sign Language Interpreter RID CI/CT Sign Language Interpretation Program, Adjunct Instructor Legal/Court Interpreter In-Training Student of Siena Heights University
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One Response to Directionally challenged?

  1. Deb Webster says:

    What a practical way to use google street view! I agree that it is hard to put yourself in someone else’s place when they are lost in an area that seems familiar or easy to navigate to you. Glad to hear your strategy worked! πŸ™‚

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