Vital Media

Social Media is vital yet tedious.  I have learned that social media is a requirement for any kind of successful business, marketing, and  endeavor.  It is almost required to keep relationships going at this point in time.  It also takes a bunch of time and energy to make it work.  I will really struggle to use the technology to my benefit because I can’t hardly set aside a dedicated day to do billing every month.  I have no idea how I would set aside time to update information, post features of interest, make new connections, change my design, etc.

The assignments in this class were really simple.  Yet, without a purpose, they are hard to complete.  Tweeting ‘anything’ should be a simple task.  Unfortunately, I missed several of the required tweets.

While I clearly see the benefits of regularly participating in social media, I struggle to find something in my world that I think would be relevant in everyone elses.  I have lots of aspirations that social media will eventually help me succeed.  I may have to hire or recruit someone to help me.

I imagine I will use many of the tools we learned in my future.  I will use some for my interpreting business.  I imagine I will use media more and more in my teaching at Portland Community College.  I will need to use it with the nonprofits I hope to start some day.  I should start to use it now with church and Deaf ministry.  Unfortunately, I don’t do great connecting personally on these sites.   I imagine I will use it more and more.   Perhaps it will take my kiddos being raised and sharing their life experiences on facebook.



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Wife Adoptive/Bio Mother of 3 Sign Language Interpreter RID CI/CT Sign Language Interpretation Program, Adjunct Instructor Legal/Court Interpreter In-Training Student of Siena Heights University
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4 Responses to Vital Media

  1. arizonamink says:


    I’m seeing an increased use of the internet and technology in our business, mostly in the agency-interpreter relationship. There are multiple agencies I work with now that do all their billing online, and I accept pretty much 100% of my jobs via email. While these examples aren’t social media, I can see that social media will eventually infiltrate our profession. For example, the website was a sort of for sign language interpreters. I’m sure there will be other versions of this in the future. Additionally, I can foresee our national organization, RID, utilizing social media more in the future.

    Best wishes!

  2. Deb Webster says:


    I definitely can see social media coming more into play for you when you start up a non profit.
    I currently volunteer in a nonprofit organization for developmentally delayed adults, and social media is key for getting information out, and also for fundraising endeavors.
    Good job in this class (PAH).

    Best of luck in your future!

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